• Bambu Lab Basic PETG - Black

Bambu PETG Basic

Known for impact and water resistance, high flexibility, strong layer adhesion, Bambu PETG Basic is ideal for printing tools (vises, tensioners, bag clips), toys (frisbees, boomerangs), water containers (bottles, watering cans), and outdoor items (planter pots, bottle cages) that require long-term exposure and withstanding impacts.


silk filament

Less oozing, stringing and clumping

Improved with a modified formula, Bambu PETG Basic reduces clumping, oozing, and stringing issues during printing.

petg basic


Weight: 1kg


Print outdoor models with ease

The waterproof and weather-resistant solution for your garden decor and furniture needs.

petg basic



Accessory Compatibility

RecommendedNot Recommended
Build PlateEngineering Plate, High Temperature Plate, Textured PEI PlateCool Plate
HotendAll size/Material/
GlueBambu Liquid Glue
Glue Stick


Parameters Comparison

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  • High speed printing
  • Fine and smooth finish
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • High flexibility & impact resistance
  • Long-term durability
  • Strong layer adhesion
  • Water resistance
  • High speed printing
  • Excellent freezing resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Relatively less toughness
  • Occasional oozing or clumping
  • Relatively low speed printing
  • Release pungent and unpleasant odor during printing
  • Prone to warping

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Bambu Lab Basic PETG - Black

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