With the growing popularity of 3D printing technology, the usage of 3D printing filaments has also increased. The filaments used in FDM 3D printing are mostly spooled, which occupies space and weight. To protect our environment, the detachable and reusable eSpool was designed.



  1. Uses transparent polycarbonate for high strength and toughness.
  2. Sheet body assembly structure: lightweight, space-saving, transportable, resourceful, reusable, and environmentally friendly.
  3. Large hollow structure: PC can withstand high temperatures, making it convenient for drying conventional and high-performance filaments.
  4. The packaging bag is made of biodegradable and environmentally friendly PBAT and PLA biological materials, in line with EU export standards.
PC materialHigh toughness and strengthReusable
Assembled structureSaving spaceSave space, convenient transportation, save resources, and environment friendly
Snap designFirmNo loosening occurs during use
The packaging bag uses PBAT and PLA biological materialsDegradableEnvironmental friendly, in line with EU export standards
Large hollow structure, PC materialBreathable and good temperature resistanceConvenient for drying conventional and high-performance filaments.
PC materialTransparentObserve the usage of filaments in real time.


Product patent:

Utility model (examination); design.


Assembly instructions:

  1. Distinguish the front and back of the eSpool, the side with grooves and label slots is the front side, and the smooth side is the back side.
  2. Align the 3 tabs of the small piece with the fixing holes and insert them into the back of the disc.
  3. Put the filament into the eSpool.
  4. Align the other disc with the fixed pillar and press down.

Assembly instructions:  eSpool uses video‚Äč




 Possible reasons


The latch structure is difficult to insert

Inserting into the wrong side


The concave side is the outer side of the spool, and the smooth side is the inner side of the spool.

When changing filaments, the remaining filaments are scattered

Change filaments without using up

It is recommended to use half or more before replacement. Before changing the filament, use a band to pass through the hollow part to bind the remaining filaments.

The latch structure is difficult to pull out

Harder to hold by hand

Use tools, or use greater force to press and pull out


 NOTE: This is a consumable item that is not under warranty.

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Re-usable Spool

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