• CREALITY  - ENDER 3 MAX  (300x300x340)

Creality Endre-3 MAX 3d printer is more stable and notable with the alumina frame and the H-shape metal base. 300x300x340mm, a much larger workspace than that on the Ender-3 3d printer.


  • Integrated Structure - Stable and Notable- Integrated Structure Design: The alumina frame and the H-shape metal base construct the stable integrated machine structure.
  • Powerful Hotend Kit-Extremely Precise Printing: Ender-3 Max 3d printer has a modular hotend with a heat-resistant copper nozzle, which helps rapid filament melting, smooth filament extrusion.
  • Large Print Size - Max Workspace, Max Production: 300x300x340mm, a much larger workspace than that on the Ender-3 3d printer. A larger print size means higher production capacity.
  •  Dual Cooling Fans - Effective in Heat Dissipation: The axial cooling fan continuously helps hotend heat dissipation. The double blower fans promote quick cooling on the extruded filament. Always deliver fine results.
  • All-metal Extruder - Smooth Filament Feed-in: All-metal Bowden extruder is powerful in filament feed-in.
  • Smooth and Stable Linear Pulley System: Smooth motion and stable printing are ensured by a reliable motion system composed of special Z-axis precision T-screw rod, V-profiles, and linear pulley system.
  • Carborundum Glass Platform - Smoothness Starts from the First Layer: With its superiority in heat resistance and surface flatness, the Carborundum glass platform helps prints adhere better and users remove prints easier. No wrapping and no scratches.
  • Resume Printing - Fewer Worries on Print Failure: With the resume printing function, Ender-3 Max can pick up printing records when power cut, and continue printing when the power is back again.
  • Intelligent Sensor with Filament Breakage Detector: When filaments run out or break, Creality Ender-3 Max will automatically stop printing. It can resume printing when a new filament feed-in.
  • Powerful Power Supply - Safe and Stable to Use: The powerful 350W power supply can be adjusted to adapt the voltage from 100V to 240V. Safe to use, and powerful in heating up.
  • TMC2208 High-performance silence driver: The German import TMC2208 chip driver is adopted to use in X-axis and Y-axis. It is effective to reduce the motor noise and shake that brings a comfortable and silent work environment for you.
  • DIY Upgradable(can be DIY upgraded by yourself) - Maximize its Printing Capacity: Reserved space for DIY upgrades like BL-Touch and filament sensor. (not included in the package)


● Molding Tech: FDM
● Machine size: 513x563x590mm
● Print size: 300x300x340mm
● Machine weight: 9.5 kg
● Print precision: ±0.2 mm
● Print speed: 30-60 mm/s (recommended), ≤180 mm/s
● Layer thickness: 0.1-0.4 mm
● File transfer: USB/Memory card
● Motherboard: 32bit motherboard
● Slicer: Creality Slicer/Cura/Pepetier-Host/Simplify3D
● File format: STL/OBJ/AMF
● Support OS: Window XP/7/8/10/MAC/Linux
● Nominal voltage: 100V-240V  AC50/60HZ  DC24V
● Nominal power: 350W
● Leveling method: BL-Touch(Optional)
● Filament: PLA/TPU/PETG/ABS/Wood

Package Included:

1 x Ender-3 MAX 3D Printer

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CREALITY - ENDER 3 MAX (300x300x340)

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